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Mehndi, also known as Henna or mehendi in the western world, is a form of temporary skin decoration from India and Nepal. It is traditionally applied as a bridal ritual prior to weddings, and during the various ceremonies associated with Hinduism. The designs are created with a paste made from powdered leaves of the mehndi or henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). The mehndi has a natural cooling effect on the skin and is a painless alternative to permanent tattoos.

Most brides decorate their hands and feet with intricate mehndi designs before the wedding ceremony, often spending several hours waiting for it to dry. During this time, the bride can relax and listen to pre-wedding advice from her friends and family. It is believed that the mehndi marks the beginning of her married life and symbolizes happiness, fertility, and prosperity.

A favored custom in many Indian regions is to include an inscription of the groom’s name within the mehndi design. It’s believed that if the groom can find his name within the patterns, he will be more dominant in conjugal life. It is also believed that if unmarried women receive scrapings of the mehndi paste, they will soon find a suitable match.