TRIWIN is a company that was founded by Kate Gaertner. She is an experienced consultant who has worked in both the nonprofit and corporate world for over 35 years. She has authored two books and is an active dog rescuer. She and her husband Dean live in Tennessee.

Triple Win is a property management concept. Its goal is to produce a win for the customer, the organization, and the environment. It is a foolproof way to ensure business evolution. It’s also a way to create real, tangible value for all parties involved.

TripleWin partners use a combination of assessments and executive coaching to help organizations generate a win. Their goal is to build a financially persuasive business case for sustainability and circular production. They also provide free language preparation, integration assistance, and technical preparation for their clients.

JWB Real Estate Capital was one of the first property management companies to implement Triple Win. triplewin have helped real estate investors achieve the highest possible ROI. triple win provide training for coaches.

Triple Win is a concept that is able to keep ROI high for investors because of its low vacancy rates and cost-effectiveness. The company has created a tech stack that includes tools and processes that help the company be successful. They also provide real-world advice from their panel of industry experts.

TripleWin also provides counseling for first-year employees. It helps them integrate with their organization. Its lessons for good practice are designed to support cross-sector collaboration.